Who I Am

What makes me happy:
– laughter – spending time with my family, my friends, my husband – board games – cooking – Jesus – my cat – sunshine – growing herbs – writing – grace – Christmas lights – eating – reading – potluck dinners – dance parties

What makes me angry:
– mean people – driving in the rain/dusk without your lights on – judgment – unforgiveness –  micromanagement – not paying attention to the details – not apologizing – Christmas paper on my birthday presents

What breaks my heart:
– poverty – children without families – people who don’t experience forgiveness or grace in their lives – women with low self-esteem – human trafficking

What I get geeked out about:
– personality tests – cookbooks – grammar – spiritual concepts (grace, forgiveness, spiritual gifts, etc) – kitchen gadgets – board games – great plays in Scrabble, darts, or any other game – family dynamics/relationships  – social media

I also write a food blog which is a delightful combination of many of the things that make me happy. Pop over for a visit, will you?


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