My New Normal

I’ve lived in Miami now for 7.5 months and I’ve been married for 4.5 months. Life is so different now than pretty much anything I’ve ever known. Except for two short years, I’ve lived my whole life as a single gal in Texas, and let me assure you in case you were curious, South Miami ain’t nuthin’ like Bowling Green, Ohio. <cricket, cricket> Preach. Dear friends, pull up a chair and let me share with you some of the ways that my life is different now that I have voting privileges in Miami-Dade county.

  • There are ducks everywhere around here. Ducks on parade. I assure you, I see a handful of ducks on a daily basis. They are in the canals, the parking lots, people’s yards, the parks, the lakes, EVERYWHERE. I like ducks, as a general rule, but unfortunately these are kind of ugly ducks. And I hear they are mean.
    IMG_0225 IMG_0247 IMG_0270
  • Miami, while seemingly an international city, is not so big on international food like I would prefer. Pho? Oh no. Indian? Not a chance. Forget about the Tex-Mex. (See how I just made that international? 🙂 ) There is, of course, a ton of island foods…Cuban, Jamaican, Haitian, etc. You want yuca or plantains? Why you are in luck – it’s everywhere! Both are cheaper than potatoes and bananas here.
  • Y’all the driving…oh, the honking and the frightful driving here…of course folks complain about the traffic. That’s as ubiquitous as college students complaining about parking. The traffic is whatever…it’s bad everywhere. But the moves…right turns from the left turn lane, driving northbound in a southbound lane to avoid the line at the light, cutting in front of someone at the light who isn’t pulled up far enough for your tastes, ay Dios mio! It’s distressing.
  • Do you all remember the Friends episode when Monica moved in with Chandler? Sometimes that’s how I feel… I live with a boyyyyy!!! Friends, I became an RA my junior year of college and lived by myself ever since…that’s 14 years of living solo to 4.5 months of married cohabitation. I live with a boyyyyyy!
  • BUT! I have a buddy to do something with all the time! My first three months here were painfully lonely and I am hugely comforted that I do not have to be lonely again.
  • Sharing a bathroom is hard. I see the value in a bathroom with two sinks. 🙂
  • I realize just how hard it is to stay in touch with friends long distance.

Some days life feels so regular, so normal, that it’s hard to believe that Lance and I haven’t always been living together. There are days when I miss Austin and everyone there so much it hurts. I often remind myself of the advice I was given about how long it would take to settle into a new city. It’s been easier, I think, to settle into the new marriage than to settle into the new city. It helps to go exploring, try to restaurants, activities, etc. It also helps to be a part of a church community. It’s a slow but sure process. There are definitely parts of my new normal that I’d miss if things suddenly changed, and that’s probably a good sign.


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