It’s nearly the end of January and the new year is well underway for everyone. Last year I shared that I am terrible at resolutions. I kind of think they are bogus as I don’t really know anyone who is keeping up with their resolutions by the time that September or October rolls around. I’ve seen projects (ex: 365 photos or 52 books) that seem to last longer and give a person something to strive for over the course of the year. The last few years, I’ve gotten on the One Word bandwagon and used that as my “north star” for the year. Why this works for me is that it’s easier to keep track of one thing that is an umbrella for anything else that might come my way. Where I still struggle is staying with it and accountability. So I’m back here on the blog to share with you my word – and my journey with it.

As 2013 drew to a close, there was much chatter around the words that people were choosing and that chatter increased as the calendar flipped into January. But I didn’t have a word. Nothing spoke to me. Nothing came to me. I just had nothing. I “tried on” a few different words, talking about some of them with Lance, prayed about them and there was just silence. Then an Internet friend of mine, Abby Norman, posted a blog about scarcity and suddenly there were stirrings. She linked to another blogger, Esther Emery, who incidentally I already followed on Twitter. Then I spent hours reading about scarcity and the hold that it can have on us – the lies that we believe because of scarcity – what we are willing to settle for because of scarcity. I thought about all the days when I had worried over not enough time to do all the chores, a lack of money to pay the bills, when I had had melt-downs over getting everything done in an impossibly short amount of time, this, that, and that other…all in the name of scarcity. And I knew. I knew this was the year of defeating the lie of scarcity in my life.

This is the year of Enough.


Enough says that there is plenty of time to rest on the Sabbath. Enough says that we have enough money to pay our bills. Enough says we will not go hungry. Enough says that I am a good wife, friend, family member, colleague. Enough says that God loves me and takes me as I am. Enough says that I do not have to worry. Enough says that stress and melt-downs are fruitless. Enough says that it will all be just fine. Enough is liberating.

Last year I created a Joy/Blessings jar and put in it happy memories and moments/things that were a blessing to me. Honestly, I got a little off track with it after I moved to Miami. Somehow, though, when I opened it up at the start of this year to look at everything, the jar seemed full. It was wonderful to sit quietly and look at each slip remembering what prompted me to write. I wrote about things that I had since forgotten. It was excellent to revisit the joys of last year. It was also a great reminder that I have, not just enough, but an abundance of love around me and that I am capable of finding the joy in situations that seem heartbreaking. Part of my year of Enough will be to renew my Joy Jar for 2014. I can’t wait to see what joys I’m reminded of in January 2015.

Joy Jar

Joys and Blessings

Please check out some of Esther’s blogs on scarcity and the terrible role it plays in our lives. I wish that we all can defeat the lies of scarcity and know that we are enough, that what we offer to our friends, family, communities is enough. Insecurity sucks, y’all and I believe that “enough” is the antidote. So cheers to having and being enough! Welcome to 2014!

Am Enough, Have Enough, Do Enough


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