Blessed by Community

Last week I tweeted “I love being in community. It’s pretty much how we were made to be. And it’s such a blessing.” In the moment it was in response to the overwhelming display of love, support, and joy from my church family for my recent engagement. That particular Sunday at church was one of my favorite Sundays as Lance and I were loved on by everyone we know at Covenant in celebration of us. That isn’t meant to sound egotistical, but rather it was a reminder that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves and it is good to be a part of that something.

In the same time span that all of this joy was transpiring in my own life, my dear friend Jay and her sweet son Max were experiencing the total opposite as they were receiving the news from Max’s doctors that four new tumors had grown in Max’s brain and spine. For months upon months upon months Max’s scans have been clear. His chemo appears to have been working. Then suddenly, here we all are. Jay and Max’s community has banded together once more to support and pray and encourage. We are made to be in community. Jay and Scott are not made to walk through this alone.

i can fight cancer
When Max was battling cancer last year, he went through Make-A-Wish to go to Lego Land. How stinkin’ awesome is that?? It was an amazing trip and a blessing for their family. Now Max is sick again and he can’t go through Make-A-Wish because you can only do that once. Makes sense. But Max would like to see the Eiffel Tower. What a cool thing for an 8-year-old to want to see! What is even more cool is to see how Jay and Scott’s community has come together to make Max’s wish come true. People are making decals for Max. There are fundraisers for Max. I have friends who don’t know Max who are trying to help. People who don’t know Max, but know Max’s circle are willing to donate time or resources to encourage others to donate money. Community. We were made for it. We were made to help and support each other. We were not made to walk alone.

max in legoland

I am humbled when I think about the number of people who have rallied around this precious 8-year-old boy to make his wish come true. In the process of working to make this happen for Max, we are encouraging his family. I believe we are restoring other people’s faith in humanity. We are showing goodness, kindness, love, mercy, and compassion to a family who is tired, worn, broken, and heartsick that they are facing this battle one-more-frikkin-time. I am so honored to be a part of Scott, Jay, Kiki, and Max’s community. It’s how I was meant to be.

jedi max icon

Community is not just about the celebrations of joy and giddiness. It’s about walking with someone when they hurt. It’s about sitting with someone when there is nothing to do but be present. It’s about springing to action because I have something to contribute. It’s about celebrating when Max gets to France and poses with his fiercest Jedi-Max pose in front of the Eiffel Tower. And it’s about being thankful and giving praise when Max beats cancer, one more time. It’s community y’all.

If you have ideas on how else we can mobilize to get Max and his family to France, speak up. If you have something you’d like to contribute as a perk to the indigogo campaign, please let me know. We definitely welcome financial contributions if you are able and feel led. Please keep Max’s family in your thoughts and prayers. You can read more about his story here: and the indiegogo campaign I’m a part of can be found here:

However, there are several options available to you under the “Want to Help?” link on the Jedi Max blog. Lots of choices to suit your fancy. 🙂

Could they be any cuter??

Could they be any cuter??


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