Joy and Blessing Jar

At the end of 2012, a friend of mine shared a photo on Facebook of a craft project that caught my eye and stayed stuck in my brain. It was a decorated jar intended to hold notes you wrote throughout the year documenting your blessings. The idea is that at the end of the year, you can dump out the jar and review all the great things that happened to you over the course of the year. I thought this was such a splendid idea! I hung on to the idea through the first several weeks of 2013 until I was finally able to make my very own Joy and Blessing Jar.

Joy and Blessing jar
I have no idea if this is all the rage on Pinterest or not because I refused to go look and see if others were doing this too. I didn’t want to be influenced by the creative design of the rest of the world, or feel like I was coming up short in my own decorations. Comparison can be so damaging. So one weekend I found the largest jar I had, and set to work. There are a couple of Bible verses on there, some positive, inspirational words or phrases, some lovely stickers that make me smile, and it all blends into my fabulous Joy and Blessing jar. My plan is to write down special things that bring me joy or that are blessings to me throughout the year. Only I am the judge of what makes it into the jar. It could be as significant as a large financial gift (I should be so lucky! 🙂 ) or as seemingly small, but heartwarming, as a kind word or smile from someone I don’t know in the grocery store. I’m excited to look back on all the moments that made an impact on me at the close of 2013. It’s going to be so great.

side 1
For now my jar sits in my living room next to my television so I get to see it every day and it makes me smile. Even just looking at it reminds me to be mindful about having a joyful attitude and being aware of blessings. I appreciate the mindset reminder on a regular basis. It wasn’t exactly a goal or resolution for me this year to count my blessings, but I do like that I’ve completed a crafty project and that I’m being more positive. Maybe in December I’ll share a list of what made it into the jar. Now there’s an idea. 🙂

side 2

side 3



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2 responses to “Joy and Blessing Jar

  1. Love this idea, thanks for sharing! How reaffirming for our faith to be able to look back at all God has done in our lives. I keep a prayer journal and it is awesome to be able to look at all God has done and it brings comfort that He will continue to be faithful. Blessings!

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