Seek: What Will I Find?

This post is quite overdue and I blame the plague I’ve been fighting for practically two weeks now. It’s quite the challenge to be productive, even to write blog posts, when I’m feeling crummy. I also have a handful of food blog posts in my head that need to be made and written stat. But mostly I’ve been sneezing, coughing, resting, doing my best to go to work, trying to breathe around my congestion, and taking quite the cocktail of medication. Welcome to the new year! It’s hard to get off on the “resolution foot” when you are sick. I have good intentions, thoughts of “I’d like to…” Fill in the blank with organize, clean, sort, start back up again, and any of the other good January statements that seem to fill the air right now. But instead I rest. That’s not so bad. Perhaps it’s not quite Sabbath resting, but it did make me think over and over again of my friend Kristen’s word for 2013: Sabbath. It made me feel better about my situation. She’s great like that.

Enough about my delay in introducing my One Word for 2013 to you. After much deliberation, and contemplating of other words, the word “Seek” practically jumped out at me one day and didn’t leave my mind for days after. It’s an active word, requiring me to participate in a number of activities over the course of the year. I still love “Peace” – my word for 2012, but it’s a much more fluid word in its application. Seek is not so fluid. It is pretty much always a verb and so I must act. I have to put effort into my word this year or it’s pretty much useless. Well, I say that now. I guess we’ll see how I think and feel about it in 12 months.

From the Visual Thesaurus

From the Visual Thesaurus

First and foremost, as a faith-based person, Seek is about seeking after God’s wisdom and path for my life. It’s about actively pursuing the Kingdom of God. That looks like different things on different days. It impacts my choices, my thoughts, and how I approach my decisions. There is a lot packed into this little word in this vein, for me. I’m excited to see how it unfolds and the ways my life is different because I’m more mindful to seek in ways and places where I might have previously been forgetful. This is an excellent practice for me.

Secondly, Seek is about searching after adventures! Sometimes I feel like life can be mundane and routine. Anyone else feel me on this? I’d like to seek out different kinds of comfort stretching activities. I want to do new things that stretch and grow me in the coming year! When faced with a choice, and perhaps part of it is a little uncomfortable, or causes butterflies in my stomach, I hope I think to myself, “seek new experiences!” and then say “YES” with enthusiasm. I believe that we grow when we are moved past our comfort zone and I am confident that seeking will help me get moving.

Lastly, I would simply like to seek healthy choices for myself this year. It seems like a catch-all for the generic New Year’s resolutions, but there it is. Seek enough sleep. Seek healthy foods. Seek activity over laziness. Seek choices that are good for me over ones that are bad. There is a lot combined in there, but in looking for healthy choices, I never know what I might find! I think the opportunities are plentiful.

So when you see me, feel free to hold me accountable for my seeking. This could be asking what I’ve sought after lately. It could be hearing what I’ve learned from my seeking. It could be listening to me share how I am seeking. Feel free to offer a new path if you are hearing the same story in June as you heard in March. Don’t be afraid to challenge me if my seeking seems like it has become stagnant. Or if I come to you frustrated with my life, after you’ve listened to me vent, feel free to ask me how I will seek something different. How will I seek the Lord’s guidance on where I am to go next? How am I seeking after healthy choices right now? I give you permission to ask me those questions, even if I give you the side-eye look for it. 🙂

I leave you with my snazzy One Word button. Melanie from Only A Breath kindly offered to make one for any blogger who wanted a button for their word. How thoughtful is that?? She customizes the color of the word to match your blog. The circle of dots represents the days in the year. At the start of the year, the word we’ve chosen might have a small impact on our life, and steps to incorporate our word might be far apart, but as the year goes on, the word infiltrates more of our world and our steps become closer together, more like the dots toward the end of the circle. If you are interested in getting a button for your word, check out Melanie’s post on requesting a button. She has a link-up party for people to share their words and monthly check-ins. I’m excited to be a part of her community!




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4 responses to “Seek: What Will I Find?

  1. Love your post!!! Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

  2. I LOVE your post. I totally feel you on getting into a “routine.” I’ve always been deathly afraid of becoming “THAT PERSON”…and I always become “THAT PERSON!” I’ll encourage you in seeking new adventures and I’m sure reading about yours will light a fire underneath me.
    P.S I have been TRYING to figure out what the name for the Word Cloud is. I’m SOOOO glad you posted it. I’m going to go look into it!!!
    God Bless!

  3. I stopped by from the link-up just because our snazzy buttons are the same color. I’m so glad I did: My word this year is “peace.” I’d love to hear what you learned last year!

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