Summing up 2012

A year ago, I shared with you all that I am fairly terrible at making, then keeping New Year’s resolutions. This blog was even started in an effort to keep myself on track with the goals I set for myself. Both keeping the goals and updating the blog were met with moderate success. I think that I did stick with both my One Word: Peace and keeping up with Meatless Monday for the bulk of the year. The rest of my goals, or resolutions, didn’t really manifest in quite the way I was hoping.

I did keep to my One Word for 2012 of Peace throughout the year so that worked out pretty well for me. I saw it in a lot of places and I was mindful about it in many situations. I’m not sure exactly how much more of a peaceful person I am, since there weren’t any sorts of measurements taken, but I think about peace more often. If I think about peace more often, even to the point of being sad that there is not more peace in the world at large, among people I know, in our nation, then that’s probably actually a good thing. While I’ve selected a new word for 2013, I don’t want to forget about peace. It’s a good word and it resonates with me. I’ll just keep it in my back pocket.

Picasso's Dove of Peace

Picasso’s Dove of Peace

Meatless Mondays were often a challenge for me, but overall I stuck with it for the year. There were a couple of Mondays that I just plain forgot to do it – usually when I was out of town or totally out of my routine. But I learned a lot about vegetarian eating and how much in a rut I can get with that sort of thing. I have accumulated a wealth of vegetarian recipes that I didn’t ever use, which is so bizarre. I learned how much I loved making homemade vegetarian pizza….seriously, so good! I also really like vegetarian pasta quite a bit. I don’t think I will be as resolute in doing Meatless Mondays in the coming year, but I will do it now and again. I do a lot of meatless lunches at work and nearly always my breakfasts are meatless, especially Sunday – Friday. So even if I’m not doing a meatless dinner, I do my fair share of meatless meals. Plus, now I know I can do it if I try.

As for the adventures, I didn’t quite meet my list, but I did have some fun. The boyfriend and I did go to a small town on Memorial Day weekend to explore, which was quite the adventure! I went on a 7 day cruise with my family and tried snorkeling for the first time which was 2 adventures right there! I made carnitas, and although it might not sound like much, it really was. It’s a multi-hour, pan-blackening, touch-and-go, sort of process where you just hope they come out right. Praise be to Jesus, mine sure did! 🙂 We’ll call that an adventure because people were coming over to eat them so I was in big trouble if they came out badly. I saved and saved to pay off my car early… not quite a typical adventure, but it was an adventure for my budget, that’s for sure! So I’m not sure I got in 12 official documented adventures, but it was a good year with good times.

As I’m reviewing my lists from last year and shaping my list for 2013, I’m reminded to be realistic and keep it simple. Life happens and the best intentions in January don’t always come to fruition. Nonetheless, 2012 – you had lots of good memories. Thanks for the good times. Cheers.


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