Surprise and Smile

I came to revive my reflective blog…to do some journaling…share some struggles…maybe talk about updates to my adventures list, but mostly just to jump back into the habit as I feel like that could be healthy for me right now. Lo, and behold! I forgot that I started a “sample” blog entry to show my mom some techniques in WordPress including how to embed pictures. Here is a fantastic picture of something my mom made. While the focus is on the pink square, please note the intricate bit off to the left. She did that too. Cause my mom is awesome. 🙂

Here is a lovely picture of a sample cable knitting.

Cable knit sweater

It was knitted by Kay, my knitting mother. She can make one for you too, if you ask nicely. She likes it when you use your manners. Your own mother would be proud too.

The above paragraph is the sassy sample paragraph I typed and it cracks me up to see it now. So I’m leaving it. Hopefully if you’ve had a crummy, stressful, no-good, very bad day, you will also laugh, smile, and have a moment of joy and giggles. We all need those to help keep perspective in the world. Don’t let the darkness win. Not today. Not this week. Chin up, loved ones.

Tell me, where have you been surprised into smiling this week?


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