What Are You Thinking??

I’m reading this really cool devotional book this year, courtesy of my mother and Christmas. It’s called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and if you do devotionals, you should check it out. It’s pretty awesome. A line in yesterday’s reading said, “as your thinking goes, so goes your entire being.” I found that to be fairly significant given how much of my thought-life has been very negative and pessimistic lately. There has been little peace in my thoughts, my being, or my life in the last few weeks.

I believe it is difficult to just up and change your thoughts, but I do believe that thoughts/what you think can be very powerful. If you spend your day ruminating on how blessed and thankful you are, despite whatever junk comes your way, you are liable to be more cheerful and pleasant to be around. If you spend the day stressed about the junk, thinking and exuding, “poor pitiful me, my life is so terrible, woe and woe again” then you may find yourself wallowing in your pit of self-despair all alone. At least I find myself alone in that pit on those days. It stinks. Yes, I have real problems – we all do. But I cannot let them rule my brain or my life. I was not created to submit to problems, stress, woe, and discord. I was created to live an abundant life full of joy, love, peace, and thankfulness. Even when experiencing the crap that may come my way, I can choose how I will respond to myself, those around me, my Creator, and the instigator of the crap. The challenge is to choose joy, love, peace, and thankfulness. Challenge.

So what am I thinking about today? How can I choose joy, love, peace, and thankfulness?
– I am thankful for a job that allows me to pay my bills, provides me with health insurance, and is currently quite challenging for me.
– I am loved by so many people. I can forget this because I don’t talk to them all every day, but I am loved by people in at least 10 states off the top of my head and I love them all back so very much.
– I can have peace knowing there is a good plan for my life and it will all work out for the good.
– I have peace knowing there are people in my life who pray for me regularly.
– I am thankful for forgiveness and grace, daily.
– I have joy when I laugh myself silly with my friends and loved ones.
– I have joy when my d-group girls and I have meaningful conversations.
– I love my cat. She’s awesome and loves me back, every day.
– I am thankful for the rain and have joy when the sun comes back out.

I need to be more careful about my thoughts and do better to control them rather than letting them run away in my brain. No good comes of that. What are you thinking about these days? I’d love to hear what’s on your mind!

PS – Meatless Monday #2 was a relative success. I just need to remember that Greek yogurt isn’t a full meal and eat more for lunch. Doh.


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