1 Down, 46 to Go

I’ve made it! It was touch and go for a few of my decisions, but ultimately I made it through the day without any meat. I shall pause for the applause….thank you. πŸ™‚ It’s a little trickier than I thought to make it a full day without any meat. Let’s review, shall we?

Breakfast – I rarely eat meat for workday breakfasts unless I’m having a breakfast taco, so that’s not tough. Oatmeal squares and blackberries with coffee are just dandy, thankyouverymuch.

Snacks – banana, mini Snickers bar, and I had Greek yogurt, but I didn’t actually eat it.

Lunch – Salad. Now, I have a leftover Plucker’s chicken tender that yesterday I thought to myself, “I will put my chicken tender on my salad and it will be delicious!” I’m sure it would have been. But ’round about 9:30 pm, long after I’d finished my menu planning for the week, I remembered that I had committed to a full day of meatless meals, not just Monday dinner. Lunch too. Dang. So I had to rethink my salad so it would not be just some lettuce and dressing. It ended up being pretty delicious. Ingredients: spinach, baby greens, broccoli, kalamata olives, sunflower seeds, hardboiled farm egg, pizza cheese, cucumber, dressing

Lunch salad 1

At Home: Prepped


Lunch Salad 2

At Work: Plated

Dinner – I was prepared for this. Veggie pizza was on the menu so I caramelized some onions, crumbled some blue cheese, chopped some walnuts, and then realized it was only going to cover half my crust. So out came the Thai pesto from the Farmer’s Market, a touch of cheese, some broccoli, and the rest of the walnuts. It was all so good it would make you want to slap yo’ grandma. Seriously. I’m sad I’m full because there is still a quarter of this pizza sitting on my counter. Thank goodness I did not have to share.

Dinner 1

Oven Ready - Pizza Duo



Mouth Ready - Pizza Duo

I am quite pleased with myself. Over the weekend I made bacon and knowing I was going to be caramelizing these onions tonight, I thought to myself, “oh I can save this grease to cook my onions in, and it will be tasty.” Do you see how sneaky the bacon is?? Well I certainly could not if I wanted my pizza to be vegetarian. So I did not. So many opportunities to trip up. I am glad that I remembered lunch in time to do something about it so that I can say that I had a fully meatless day. That was very important to me. I have been asked why I am doing this so here are some of the health benefits of eating a little less meat in your diet.

Limit cancer risk – diets high in fruits and veggies, according to hundreds of studies, may reduce your risk of cancer. I know if I’m taking meat out, I’ve got to replace it with something.
Reduce heart disease – following the above replacement method and swapping saturated fat foods for unsaturated fat foods (aka meat for nuts, seeds, etc) just might reduce your risk of heart disease by 19% according to the fine folks at Hahvard.
Curb obesity – folks with lower meat/vegetarian diets tend to have lower body weights and BMIs (although BMIs are not the end-all-be-all)
Improve your diet – If I’m taking meat out and replacing it with other foods, I am getting a bigger variety and more likely to get more of my vitamins and nutrients.
This all comes from the Meatless Monday website in the “Why Meatless?” section. I know for me that I can get into a food rut pretty easily so this is a great way to make sure I am mixing it up and trying new things.Β  I’m certainly not giving up all meat or even advocating that, but a little reduction in meat is okay by me.

I’ve also found a new adventure to add to my list! I need to go back and count what is on my list to see where I am at and how many more adventures I need. I’ve joined a Foodie Pen Pal program! I followed someone on Twitter on Saturday and she tweeted about this pen pal program she coordinates. Saturday was the last day to sign up so I did!! I am paired with two pen pals. One will send me a box of foodie treats and one I will send a box. We send out our box of treats by the 15th and then on the end of the month we post about what we got, how we used what we received, and so forth. HOW FUN IS THIS??? πŸ™‚ You are going to have to read my food blog to find out the details of my box, but that’s not a problem for you, is it? Didn’t think so. I’m pretty stoked. It’s entirely likely my pen pal is going to get a can of Wolf Brand Chili. I’m not certain how “foodie” it is, but it’s quite Texas so it’s going in the box. I’m thinking Kerbey Lane pancake mix should also go. What else should I send her? I’m waiting on her to email me back so I know where she lives…hopefully not Houston or other TX locale. πŸ™‚ I feel like my other pen pal, the one sending me my box, and I are already good friends. She used to live in Austin and even worked at Central Market for a bit. How fun is that? Apparently this happens every month so as long as I budget wisely I think I can participate and make many a new-foodie friend! Hooray!

Tough week last week at work. It was not peaceful at all. I’m not sure where my peace went, but I’m hoping to reclaim it this week.

I should go reclaim peace in my kitchen. πŸ™‚ I wish you all peace and adventures this week!


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  1. Heather

    Pizza looks good! What vendor had the pesto??? I may have to get some…because Gatti’s doesn’t offer that option πŸ˜‰

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