Meatless Mondays

Do you eat enough vegetables? They are not my favorite food group, but once upon a time I felt like I needed to eat more of them in general and probably a wider variety. So I embarked upon a yearly goal of incorporating a specific vegetable into my diet more frequently. Through this method I worked my way through celery, green beans, zucchini, asparagus, and eggplant. I was reasonably successful with everything except the eggplant. There are about 2 preparations in which eggplant will cross my lips, but otherwise, we just never got to be friends. Past eggplant, I struggled to find a vegetable that I thought was important enough to spend a year making friends with, so I gave up the vegetable in a year plan. However, recently a girlfriend of mine inquired what my vegetable for 2012 was. D’oh. I don’t have one.

All is not lost, my dear CGH! I’ve talked about Meatless Monday before in my food blog and it occurred to me that instead of adding in a vegetable throughout the year, perhaps I could take a little meat out. I threw the idea out to my friend (who, incidentally, is a vegetarian) and of course she was on board. πŸ™‚ I need more adventures for 2012 as I don’t have 12 of them yet so I’ve been mulling over the idea of committing to Meatless Mondays for the remaining 11 months of the year. Truth be told that the moment I considered the commitment, I immediately began to think of why it wouldn’t work.
– I might be eating over at a friend’s house or eating a menu I don’t control.
– I might be eating out/out of town.
– I might forget.
– BACON! – Seriously, y’all. I forget that bacon is a meat and treat it like a condiment or a food accessory. It trips me up frequently when I think a dish is vegetarian and then I realize I’ve done gone and put bacon or bacon grease or some such in it. #vegetarianfail
– Not enough vegetarian recipes in my arsenal for 47 Mondays. Holy cow. FORTY-SEVEN?? eeekkk…
– Uhm…it’s just hard.
You can see that I am challenged by this. But that’s what makes it an adventure, right? Adventures aren’t always easy. Some of them can be, I’m sure. But the element of the unknown is part of it as well. How will I make this work? One meal at a time…without bacon.

So here we go – adding Meatless Mondays to my adventure list. Starting the first Monday in February, I’ll keep you posted on what my meatless meals are and how it goes. Try not to point and laugh if I mess it up. That bacon is subversively sneaky. I was already thinking of black beans and realized I automatically was thinking of flavoring the pot with some bacon. Well that’s not gonna work – or it can, but then I can’t eat those black beans for dinner. And just to be clear – it is a Meatless Monday dinner thing – not a full fledged breakfast/lunch/dinner situation. Maybe I’ll get bold round-about-July. But let’s just take it one dinner at a time, shall we? Ok…so I just did some researching and while perhaps Meatless Monday may have started as a mostly/only dinner deal, it is clearly now a full fledged all day commitment. Oh dang. Deep breath. I got this.

There is a lot of information out there about Meatless Monday and it’s quite educational so you can plan on receiving some of that educational information as I am out and about on my vegetarian adventure throughout the year. I mean, let’s be real – I am an educator, after all. πŸ™‚ I would love it if any of you jumped on board with me. Anyone? What about tasty vegetarian recipes that don’t involve tofu or mushrooms? I’m not friends with those two items. Who’s in? Who’s got recipes? This will be fun! Right? …. Of course right!



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2 responses to “Meatless Mondays

  1. Megan

    I’m in, and therefore so are the other people in my house since I do the cooking! I’m dabbling in vegan and vegetarianism, so more than just my Monday’s are meatless. I honestly don’t miss meat when I don’t have it, and when we do have meat I try to make it a small side and not the main focus of the meal. You can do this! If you need some motivation, try watching the documentary “forks over knives”. Pretty sure you can stream it on Netflix. I am hugely expanding my use of vegetables this year. Lots of veggies, lots of variety. It’s been fun. And it delights me to see my children shoveling Kale into their mouths. Can I get an Amen? πŸ™‚ I will send some of my meatless menus your way. I’ve got some good ones!! πŸ™‚

  2. Alanna Fraase

    I’m trying to do this as well! Fortunately I don’t eat a lot of meat anyway but just last week I slipped up and accidentally prepared something with tuna for dinner. I’ve been using Whole Foods app / recipe book a lot for vegetarian options and found tons of yummy meatless-options (quinoa stuffed peppers, brown rice stir-fry, black bean burgers, etc.). Can’t wait to see what other recipes you come up with!

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